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Wooden wheel story:  The metal rims and hubs arrive sandblasted, primed and painted or this is done as required in the shop. Spokes are carved from kiln-dried hickory. they are copied from an original or existing pattern. Rims are placed in centering hub press, spokes are machined and pressed into rims, The hub hole is drilled and hub pressed in, bolts and hub plate are put on hub, tightened and checked for alignment. New wheel is ready for varnish. Wooden felloed wheels require same procedure once felloe is bent,dried and pressed into rim and drilled for spokes.

Prop Story:   Props are made from #1 maple or birch. Boards are laminated together, cut with a bandsaw to prop profile and carved to correct pitch for particular application. Sanding, balancing and hub hole drilling follows. Three coats of marine varnish and metal leading edge tips are applied. Final balancing and inspection and prop is ready for use. Prop repairs are also done in shop.